Monday, October 14, 2013


I've found that keeping a blog is a terrific procrastination tool. While I should be working on my novel, I'm checking pageviews by country - Belarus? Really? - blog traffic sources - referring urls and sites - anyone know how to block a porn site? I'm even looking at browsers and operating systems. How ridiculous is that.

I never dreamed when I started this blog a couple of months ago that it would consume so much of my time. And I have precious little of it.

We have a home-based business so work is pretty much 24-7. Okay, this isn't me and it might not be quite this bad but it's getting there.

And my frustration level is pretty much like this woman's and the mess - yeah - my desk gets like this.

I need to be working on my novel. Did I say that? Between blog stuff and work stuff I don't have much time for writing.

No, I don't write on this. That's not what's slowing me down. Although I think you need finger muscles like a body builder to type on one of these old beauties.

I sometimes use pencils but not these although there are people who think using pencils is about as archaic as using quills. Shame on you. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils - heavenly.

And even though I'm writing about ancient Babylon I haven't resorted to clay tablets, even if the scribes in my story have to use them. Hm-m-m, would be kinda fun to try though. Maybe I'll see if I can't find some clay and.....


No, it's just that I'm WASTING TIME. I'm procrastinating. And blogging related obsessions aren't the only problem. I have other procrastination tools as well - in fact, my toolbox is full. Can't write, need to take the garbage cans out to the locked shed so the bears, racoons, dogs (insert pest) don't get into them. Can't write, need to take the laundry out of the dryer because I keep forgetting it, I've put it on 'steam refresh' three times and it's going to shrink to the size of babies' pjs. Can't write, getting company and have to see if there's any food in the fridge left to cook with and if not run out and get something amazing or at least edible. Can't write, have to bath the dog and it takes the stealth of an international spy to set out the bath things without him catching on the water is running for him.  And on and on it goes.

Blogging is a new and shiny tool which calls for some self-imposed restrictions. Sadly the bills need to be paid so work has to come first. My novel is my next biggest priority so if I'm on a roll my blog will have to take a back seat. I. Need. More. Hours. In. My. Day!!!

I just saw an ad for an Irish whiskey called 'Writers Tears'. Sounds like something I could use about now. Join me?


  1. Oh, yeah. I've been there. I used to blog regularly, gave it up to get more time for my fiction, and then started again because my novel's coming out soon. And it's turning into a time suck, again. Plus, my freelance work has been intense. Juggling pianos. That's what I call this crazy out-of-control balancing act.

  2. Juggling acts are dangerous at the best of times - but pianos!!
    Good luck with your novel, Ruth.

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