Thursday, January 2, 2014

What is it about the New Year...

that brings out our compulsion to make resolutions?

Maybe it's hope.

A fresh year brings fresh hope - hope that we'll make smarter choices, accomplish our goals this time. In the middle of the dullness of winter we give ourselves a bright future to look forward to.  We've sung Old Lang Syne, we've oo'd and aa'd over the fireworks, we've given and received the midnight kiss. Now it's on to a better year!

Unfortunately our resolve seldom lasts.Talking to a fitness instructor, he said that the new year brings hordes of people out to buy equipment and start exercise programs. By February many are still going strong but by March enthusiasm is waning and by April all but the most determined have dropped it altogether. Dieting follows the same downward trend. So does the resolution to quit smoking, etc.

Yet year after year we doggedly continue to make those same resolutions - and hope. The blogger at Hard Hobbit to Break has made 365 resolutions! Must be some kind of a record. Isn't the human spirit resilient? I sure think so. We intend to hope again, and this time, this time, we will triumph. Ha ha!

Hubby and I haven't gotten off to a very good start. Today was our anniversary. We'd planned to have a nice evening out, just the two of us, something we don't do nearly enough and had resolved to do better this year. So, why am I at the computer instead of out with hubby? Well, he's a contractor for BC Hydro and we had a huge snowfall today, there are tons of power outages and he's had to take out a crew to help clean things up. He'll be gone all night. Perfect.

Okay, so starting tomorrow....


  1. Happy belated anniversary. I hope you've managed to do something fun in the two days since. There is something seductive about new beginnings. I get that same feeling every year on my birthday too. This year, though, I've made only one resolution--to get well. My prognosis is good, so I assume this is one resolution I'll be keeping.

  2. Thank you Ruth and you be sure to keep that resolution! I'm glad things are looking good and I'd love to hear how you progress.

  3. I think I've yet to make "real" resolutions. I know that, though I'm stubborn, I'm lazy. I kind of have to trick myself into things!

    1. Whatever works for you. Trickery is good :) I tempt myself with rewards. They work too.