Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DEVIL CHILD - a Short Story

What are you looking at? Okay so I'm royally ticked off right now. She said I was her furry little angel child and took me home with her. She fed me *fancy feast* from my own food dish with tiny bells painted on the rim and gave me my own soft bed to sleep in. She kissed me and cuddled me as much as I let her. Life was sweet.

The only fly in the ointment was that she didn't appreciate me amusing myself by shredding the arms on her sofa. I really don't know what her problem was. She only sat on the cushions anyway. But because she gave me such a comfortable place to live I caved in to her wishes and dutifully kneaded the daylights out of the cat tower she brought home.

And there were toys. Lots and lots of toys. I had an enviable collection of stuffed mice filled with catnip. She seemed to like playing with them as much as I did. She also gave me a *Cat's Meow*. You know the one. It has a mouse tail poking out from under it. The mouse is impossible to catch. She seemed to enjoy watching me try to get it though. Anyway, to make a long story short, she liked mice so much I thought I'd surprise her with the real thing. There were plenty outside in the back garden.

Okay, now here's where it gets weird. She'd been particularly nice to me today, giving me cool treats and another jingly ball toy. I was feeling all warm inside and I thought this was the perfect time. I popped out of my cat door, caught a mouse I considered especially pleasing and brought it in. I sat in front of her and when she looked down at me and smiled I coyly let the mouse's tail slip out of the edge of my lips. Her eyes got huge and a noise came out of her that I'd never heard before. Maybe she hadn't recognized it. I opened my mouth and let it out so she could get a better look but the noise just got louder and she jumped up on the sofa then tried to climb up the side of the book case. What was wrong with her?

That's when it happened. The noise stopped and she stabbed a finger at me, her face contorted into a shape I'd never seen before and she called me the most horrible name. I was in shock. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Feathers. Hey. Maybe she'd like a bird.

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  1. Ah humans, so impossible to please!

  2. OMG! That was great. I have had that problem with cats. They're always so proud of themselves. I would be happy too, if said gift hadn't been given alive.

  3. Evil kitty! Bad kitty! Go do that again, kitty; Daddy's savin' money on mousetraps!

  4. Hah! What an interesting direction to go with the prompt.

    My cats have been known to do that on occasion. The best(worst) time was when my niece actually sat on a dead bird that they had placed on the couch. Hilarity!

  5. Haha, cute! POV of animals is fun. :)

  6. Rafael - Yes, we are hard to please aren't we :)
    jelyzabeth - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. My cat had a habit of presenting me with mostly alive mice although sometimes not so much.
    B.David Hughes - Never thought of the mousetraps savings!
    Q - Glad you liked he story and glad I never had your niece's experience. Ugh.
    Diane - Thanks so much.

  7. Cats are from the devil. Seriously. It's a known fact. lol

    1. Hah. And they thought it was such a closely guarded secret!

  8. Very cute cat story. I had a grin on my face the entire time.

  9. My cat used to bring in mice and baby rabbits when she escaped outside. My problem wasn't with THAT, it was the fact that she also came back pregnant more than once.

    She eventually got spayed, but until then she gave birth to a lot of demon spawns that torched my mother's house.

  10. Thanks tarquan. Glad it made you smile.

    Lizzy - Baby rabbits! Wow, she must have been quite the huntress.

  11. It makes sense--cats are surely the children of the devil. They lull you into a false sense of security before striking mercilessly, they demand total obedience from their slaves, and they seek only to slay and wound the other creatures of this earth, sometimes tormenting them for hours. it obvious that I'm not a cat person? :D