Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tree Wars!

Here is the third scene of the December 2013 blog chain at Absolute Write. This month's prompt is "250-word story chain" or "the blog-o-phone".
The opening scene, Into Mossfallow Wood, is written by orion_mk3. The second scene,  Into the Woods, is written by Ralph Pines.

"Hey! Ozzy! Waddya think yer doin?"
Carl Ostafinski bore down on the much smaller man wielding his axe like a medieval claymore. Rooster style, he shoved his size XXX chest against Oswald's. "I saw that tree first and it's mine!"

Ozzy stuck out his chin and got in Carl's face.
"I don't think so Ostafinski."
"Oh yeah?" Carl bellowed.

Carl shoved and held Ozzy against the disputed tree with the head of his axe. "Look Ozzy. If you don't back away from my tree you'll be sorry."
Ozzy snorted. "What're you gonna do about it?"
"You know where I work dontcha?" Carl challenged.
"Doll assembly line. Big deal." Grinning, Ozzy added. "You gonna chuck Barbies at me?"
"No." Carl paused for dramatic effect. "Snowmen."

Ozzy blanched. Now some people were petrified of clowns but Ozzy - snowmen gave him the heebyjeebies. Those phoney stick smiles and cold coal eyes creeped him out. The toy snowmen Carl made were the worst. Their high-pitched maniacal laughter sent chills down his spine.

Ozzy stepped away from the tree and swallowed hard. "It's all yours." he said in strangled tones.
Carl grunted. "I thought so."
He swung the enormous axe with all his strength and sunk it deep into the trunk. The huge tree shuddered and the two men stared upward at the crashing sound that came closer and closer as tree branches began falling all around them.
Carl pointed, eyes wide and staring. "Look! It can't be!"
Further scenes are or will be written by the following bloggers:
Note: maniacal snowmen courtesy of my daughter and son-in-law


  1. I'm thinking that if Ozzy was so terrified of Snowmen, he should have moved to somewhere sunny year round, no? :)

    1. Good point. The problem is, the toy variety are everywhere. You can't escape them.

  2. That was a great cliff hanger. It could have been anything. Snowmen? How does he avoid them during winter? Must be all that focus on getting the perfect Christmas Tree.

    1. I know. It's kind of like people with clown issues. How did they ever deal with Ronald McDonald, poor things.

  3. Not snowmen! They are the source of all evil.

  4. Hehehe, this made me picture the army of pickelhaube-clad Prussian snowmen Mr. Burns conjured in that old, great Simpsons episode "Mountain of Madness."